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Bitter and Sweet

Monbulk Historical Society has just released a new book 'Bitter and Sweet'.

The fight for survival by those with everything to loose.

In 2014 the May family of Monbulk donated the Monbulk Progress and Fruit Growers Association minute books which had been left in their father’s hands for ‘safe keeping’ in 1962.

This 42 page, colour book focuses on the first of the donated minute books covering the activities of the group from 16th October 1918 until  27th May 1922.

The book gives insights into the circumstances of those times and the issues faced by members of the Association and the wider Monbulk community. It explores the background of the more  significant issues and events reflected in the minutes of the Association. Some of the topics discussed in the meetings were shared by the wider Australian public, but others were of particular relevance to those living in Monbulk and at times, specifically the fruit growers.

The book is $15 is available for sale at the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum, MHS & at the Monbulk Hub.

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